The Lagoon Lounge & Gardens
...on Saint Simons Island at the end of the Atlantic Ocean


The Lagoon Lounge & Gardens first started out as place for close friends to congregate in a relaxed atmosphere of camaraderie in a fantastic waterfront location. The project was originally conceived to be green, meaning that everything is recycled and that every aspect of the project and space is environmentally sustainable. What evolved next was that friends of the LL decided that it was a community project and many friends donated many of the materials, hardware, and equipment of what is here today. Special thanks goes out to all those who have contributed ideas, time, and the recycled items that make this such a unique place – you all know who you are! You will see that many details that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill are now unique design elements of the space. This is an example of how a community of friends can come together to create something special for them and others. We hope that our friends may have similar feelings that we do when we are here.


The Lagoon Lounge & Gardens have been vividly designed by the Rhapsody Design Group and the myriad of meticulous design elements have been implemented to excruciating detail by RDG Master Builder, Ken J. Burnsed, Sr. Special thanks for creative consulting contributions from Roger Steffens, Landscape Architect, and Amy Schuster, Organic Gardener, both from Saint Simons Island.